Hello, I’m Sarah,  an old soul & a creator at heart.  I’m FASCINATED with  blossoming love stories and the images I
capture will surely prove how much I love LOVE!
I’m super passionate about creating long lasting memories of your special moments.
Simply put, weddings are my ‘thing’!
It’s ALWAYS an honor to preserve the memory in photographs for each of my Clients!

I love nostalgic items and the nostalgia of any thing new to me.
I love laying in cold dewy grass on my back in the morning at any given state park with tall trees to listen to sway.
I’m a trendsetter, trend follower, most original, non original person.
I’m a people watcher,
It EXCITES me to work with, for, or collaborate with other local San Antonian photogs!
My mind constantly wanders with ideas especially when I am connected to what I’m doing whether it be in making things with my hands or photographing special moments.
I want to feel the connection between the couple overflowing into our sessions! when love, trust, and creativity hold hands, MAGIC happens between YOU and my camera.
I love the way the sun dances on skin
I’m a coffee junkie (but I prefer my own homemade cup o’ Joe)
I think I have a freaking cool last name so thanks to the mister for that one! 😉
I have a keen eye for details, shiny objects, and all things BRIGHT & VIBRANT.  My spin on fine art creates a nostalgic vintage & poppy, modern flair.
These are just a few words to describe my style!
Anything else… Just ask!

Based in the great city of San Antonio, TX, I am available for bookings in and around south central
Texas and travel throughout the US

Please take a look around and let’s chat!


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